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Dog found after 7 years thanks to his microchip

Ozarks Dog Lost 7 Years Ago Found Safe

Mimi, a Shih Tzu, will be returned to her owner who now lives in California.

Missing for 7 Years, Mimi was dropped off at Rogers, AR Animal Shelter Saturday

Missing for 7 Years, Mimi was dropped off at Rogers, AR Animal Shelter Saturday (David Frank Dempsey (NWA Online))

A former Northwest Arkansas man's best furry friend will be headed back home after 7 years on the loose.

Andrew Navarette's Shih Tzu, Mimi, disappeared from his back yard in Rogers, AR, but apparently stayed in the area.

Mimi showed up at the local animal shelter this weekend.  She was dropped off Saturday and when workers checked her in they found an embedded microchip with Navarette's name and phone number.

Navarette now lives in Woodlake, California, but shelter workers were able to get a hold of him because he didn't change his cell phone number. 

Assistant shelter manager Matt Colston says Navarette was excited Mimi had been found and is willing to pay for her to be shipped to California.



Please microchip your pets


Lost dog reunited with her owner after 6 years

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This story is about a lost Bichon Frise. Her name was  Princess. She disappeared under the fence through a hole and was never seen again even though her owner tried to find her.

Princess's family was heartbroken. Six years later Princess was found in Riverside wandering down the street. Thanks to her microchip her owners were located and reunited.

"Collars fall off, tags fall off, and so to have a microchip, which is a lifetime thing,

"If it wasn't for the chip, I never would have seen her again," her owner said. 


Please remember to spay, neuter and microchip your pets.









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